1/3rd Residence Akasaka 2 Bedroom Apartment

Online Check-In

We understand that your time may be limited during your stay in Tokyo. To save time and avoid having to make your way to our office the morning after your arrival, you may complete the online check-in.


By completing the following form, you agree to the 1/3rd residence serviced apartments rules as stated below and understand that full payment is required prior to your arrival.


As a guest of 1/3rd Residence you understand the following:

  • All rooms are NO SMOKING

  • If provided with a portable WiFi device you are responsible for any loss or damage incurred

  • Check-out time is 10am, remaining in the room after 10am will incur a late check-out fee

  • At check-out, the key is to be left in the room, your are responsible for any loss occurring during your stay

  • House keeping only applies to our guests staying 5 nights or more and will be conducted every 5 days

  • We will not take responsibility for your luggage at check-out (Please do not bring luggage to our office)

I hereby understand that if I am to breach any of the above written statements, a charge of 20,000JPY will be deducted from the provided credit card.

Success! Message sent.